How to join ISI as Officer Agent (Male & Female) Pakistan

How to join ISI as Officer Agent

In this blog, you will get guidelines about How to Join ISI as Officer Agent (Male & Female) Pakistan. Those who want to join ISI must first join Armed Forces of Pakistan. It does not matter whether a member of the Pakistan Armed Forces is an officer, a JCO, or a non-commissioned officer (NCO).

All members of the armed forces are welcome to join ISI. The details of how to become an agent in the ISI in Pakistan can be found here. The ISI ensures Pakistan’s national security through the gathering, processing, and analysis of information derived from around the world. The following section explains how to join ISI in Pakistan as an Officer Agent.

Founded in order to bring together creative minds with an eye for intelligence, Inter Services Intelligence’s mission is to unite intelligent and friendly minds. To be considered for admission, a student’s IQ/IEQ must be at or above the 99.93 percentile of the unselected population (SD 16).

You must also demonstrate creativity in addition to the IQ requirement. There are two ways to join Inter Services Intelligence organization in Pakistan.

You can join the ISI in two ways, one indirect and one direct. You will surely achieve your goal if you are passionate about serving your motherland. To join ISI indirectly, it is necessary to join Pakistan Armed Forces first.

Any member of the armed forces can join ISI, no matter what their rank may be. Whether they are officers, junior commissioned officers (JCOs) or non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

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ISI Jobs

In order to advertise for civilians who wish to join ISI, the Federal Public Service Commission is responsible since ISI members are related to the ministry of defence. FSPC conducts various sorts of tests to find out if that individual has the capabilities to join this field or not.

Some attributes are measured in these tests such as creativity, perseverance, spirit, IQ and ability to solve puzzles.

IQ And Intelligence Test

Basically, an IQ test is a test of one’s intelligence and the ability to think clearly. People are given puzzles to solve and tricky questions to answer, but mainly puzzles are given to solve in order to assess their intelligence.

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IQ Tests In General

An IQ test consists of general subject tests covering knowledge, current events, analytical abilities, English and other subjects as well. It is crucial for an individual’s amenities to be determined by IQ levels that are greater than 151 and that consist of theoretical tests.

However, not only are these theoretical tests important for determining the amenities of an individual but other tests as well.

After these tests, FSPC shortlists qualified applicants, sends them a list of those who passed and conducts an interview with those who passed. When a candidate passes a medical fitness test and a psychological evaluation, a fitness test will be conducted.

If an individual passes this test, ISI performs a thorough background investigation and checks the candidate carefully before offering them a job with ISI.

A recruitment process precedes a period of training and employment. It is not allowed for civilian operatives to rise above Major ranks, but they can join Joint Intelligence X, Joint Intelligence Bureau, and Joint Counter-Intelligence Bureau departments. Other departments are led by military officers.

Therefore, these are the steps a candidate has to go through and afterwards, they are assigned to this job of ISI.

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IQ and Creativity

There is no evidence that IQ correlates with creativity. According to Arthur Jensen, a certain level of IQ or g is needed for high-level creativity, but this does not exclude the possibility that very creative people might not have an especially high IQ.

We think IQ and creativity go hand in hand, so both are essential. Additionally, creativity cannot be defined singularly.

There are so many perspectives on how the human mind works and how its capabilities and expressions can be described that make both IQ and creativity hard to define. Considering this, we think this is a good thing since it is important to think critically about all points of view in order to extract the most valuable information.

Important Note

ISI cannot be joined directly. It is a highly classified organization that only recruits brilliant minds from Armed Forces. Simply obtain a position with some government institution and be a shining star until one day you are finally able to submit an ISI proposal.

If I were you, I would consider joining Pak Army and outperforming their evaluation criteria to guarantee a position at ISI.

It is ISI that chooses you, not you choosing ISI.

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