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Join Pak Army of selfless defenders of the state and be a part of a commitment to serve Pakistan from disaster relief to full-scale operations. In the brief of Pak Army jobs, it gives a mutual chance to male and female and all sort of Master to Matric level vacancies advertised here.

Pakistan Army Jobs Details

This table is all about Pakistan Army jobs. Click on each Army Force to get all details about join Pak Army:

Pak Army JobsLast DateStatus
Join Pak Army as Soldier09 May 2024Closed
Medical Corps Army19 August 2022Closed
Aeronautical Engineer (Captain)15 January 2024Closed
Pak Army ICTO Captain Jobs02 July 2024Active
(Apply Now)
PMA Long Course 15402 June 2024Closed
Military Police (MP) Jobs09 May 2024Closed
Technical Cadet Course17 March 2024
Short Service Regular Commission20 January 2024Closed
Lady Cadet Course09 July 2024Active
(Apply Now)
Join Pak Army as Captain02 July 2024Active
(Apply Now)
AFNS – Armed Forces Nursing Service13 March 2024Closed
Army Medical Cadet Course (AMC)20 July 2023Closed
Pak Army Civilian Jobs16 October 2023Closed
Central Ordnance Depot Jobs (COD)16 August 2022Closed
Pak Army Sipahi Jobs in Mujahid Regiment12 June 2024Closed
PMA Kakul Jobs10 February 2022Closed
Pak Army Jobs

Joining Pak Army and applying for Pakistan Army jobs is the dream of every Pakistani as it gives them the patriotic feeling that they are giving their country what it deserves.

Every year many applicants apply to join Pak Army as medical Corps Cadets, Doctors, PMA Long Course, Junior Commissioned Officers, Captains, soldiers, ISSB Board, PMA Long Course, doctors, engineering, civilians, Rtd Army drivers, or cadets, and only those who satisfy certain criteria, interviews and examinations, are selected.

Types of Jobs in the Pakistan Army

There are many types of jobs available in the Pakistan Army, depending on the individual’s qualification, skill, and interest. There are two main categories:

  1. Commissioned Service: Officers are selected through a competitive process.
  2. Non-Commissioned Service: Occupational categories include technical, administrative, and support positions for soldiers and civilians.

Types of Commission to Join Pak Fauj

Three types of commissions are included under the commissioned service category to join Pak Army:

  1. Regular Commission: Candidate must meet certain criteria, such as education, age, and physical fitness, to qualify for this commission. A selection process via the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) leads to their selection for training at the Pakistan Military Academy.
  2. Short Service Commission: Officers with this commission are typically appointed for a period of five to ten years. The program is open to both males and females.
  3. Direct Short Service Commission: Professionals with specific credentials, such as doctors, engineers, and psychologists, are eligible to apply in this commission. The duration of their service in their respective fields is fixed.

Commissioned Branches

A candidate who has been selected for a commission in the Pakistan Army may choose from various branches, according to his or her qualifications and interests. The following are some of the most popular branches in which easily apply to join Pak Army:

  • Infantry
  • Armored Corps
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Signals Corps
  • Ordnance Corps
  • Army Medical Corps
  • Army Education Corps
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) Branch
  • Military Intelligence (MI) Corps

Soldier and Army Civilian Jobs

There are numerous job opportunities for soldiers and Army civilians in the Pakistan Army, in addition to commissioned officers. Three types of roles in these organizations are: technical, administrative, and support. There are several common jobs for soldiers, including:

  • Clerks
  • Drivers
  • Cooks
  • Technicians
  • Mechanics
  • Storekeepers

Here you will find the details on what the Pak Army jobs has to offer, including the application date, the requirements and criteria, the age limit and the registration process. You can apply for online registration to join Pak Army and we will guide you through all the processes of how to join the Pakistan Army.

If you want to JoinPakArmy, see above Pak Join Army table.

Females Jobs in Pak Army

Here are the details about in which field girls can get Pakistan Military jobs according to their qualifications:

  • Before Inter: Girl can apply for civilian jobs in Army only before intermediate on the base of matric.
  • After Intermediate: Girls can apply for Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS) to join Pak Army if she has done matric with biology and FSC Pre Medical.
  • After Graduation: Females can join Pak Army after graduation through Lady Cadet Course and Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC) in medical field to become Pakistan Army Female Officers.

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Males Jobs in Pak Army

Here are the details about in which field boys can join Pak Army according to their qualifications:

  • Before Inter: Boys can apply for Soldiers Jobs, Military Police Jobs and civilian jobs in Army only before intermediate on the base of matric.
  • After Intermediate: Boys can apply for PMA Long Course, Technical Cadet Course, Army Medical Cadet Course and Graduate Course to join Pak Army after intermediate in FSC Pre Engineering/Medical.
  • After Graduation: Males can join Pak Army after graduation through Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC), Aeronautical Engineer, ICTO Captain, Medical Corps Army and Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC) in medical field to become Pak Army Officers.

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Main Corps to Join Pak Army

There are several major corps within the Pakistan Army, each specializing in a specific area of military operations. They play a crucial role in ensuring the security of the nation. The Pakistan Army is divided into the following corps:

  1. Infantry Corps: Assists the Army with ground combat operations.
  2. Artillery Corps: Provides fire support to ground troops using cannons, rockets, and missiles.
  3. Armored Corps: A specialist in armored warfare, using tanks and other vehicles that can withstand significant damage.
  4. Medical Corps: Ensures the health of soldiers and civilians during war and peace.
  5. Engineers Corps: Assists in bridging, construction, and combat engineering.
  6. Signals Corps: Provides Army communication and information systems that are effective.
  7. Ordnance Corps: Maintains weapons and ammunition by purchasing, storing, and maintaining them.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Fauj

The following are the eligibility criteria for join Pak Army:

  • Both males and females are eligible to apply.
  • Citizens of Pakistan are eligible to apply.
  • Foreign nationals may apply, but after selection they must drop their foreign nationality.
  • Unmarried candidates are preferred to join Pak Army.
  • It is recommended that males be at least 5.4 feet tall (165 cm) and females be at least 5 ft tall.
  • Only married serving soldiers over 20 can apply.
  • Candidates who are married can apply for the short service commission course.
  • Applicants who have been rejected twice by the ISSB are not eligible to apply.

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How to Apply Online for Army Jobs

Interested candidates can join Pak Army through online registration or by visiting an Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RC). The army registration process will be as follows:

Army Jobs Online Registration

Candidates may register on the website to join Pak Army. Candidates will be informed about the date and time of the examination via email; therefore, an electronic mail (E-mail) account should be available for this purpose. A computerized test will be administered for the preliminary test at the date and time provided.

Once a date has been given, it may not be changed. The candidates will be required to bring the documents described below and candidates will also be expected to bring their prospectus fee to the test. Since registration and testing will be conducted on computers, candidates are required to have a working knowledge of computers.

Pak Army Registration Process Through AS&RCs

Pakistan Army registration/allotment of roll numbers can be completed at the nearest AS&RCs by providing the relevant documents mentioned below and the registration fee. Documents will also be required on the day of the test.

Types of Tests in the Commissioned Service

Pakistan Army recruits commissioned officers through a series of tests designed to assess their aptitude, knowledge, and physical fitness. There are several main tests, including:

  1. Written Test: A test to measure how well candidates know subjects such as English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Professional Knowledge, depending on the branch in which they are applying for.
  2. Physical Test: Assessing candidates’ physical fitness through exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups.
  3. Medical Test: Assuring that candidates meet the medical requirements.
  4. Psychological Test: Evaluation of candidates’ problem-solving skills, mental aptitude, and personality types.

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Pakistan Army Post Test Subjects

Each branch and specialization of the Pakistan Army has its own set of tests when applying to join Pak Army. Written tests typically assess the following subjects:

  • English: Vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.
  • Mathematics: Mathematical concepts such as algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.
  • General Knowledge: This includes history, politics, Current affairs, general science and geography.
  • Professional Knowledge: An understanding of tactics, weapons, equipment, and military operations specific to the branch of service.

It is necessary to take these tests in the Army Selection Centres If you pass the initial test, you are qualified to take the ISSB test.

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Required Documents for Pak Army

1Original CertificateMark Sheets of Matric/FA/FSc or Equivalent
2Computerized ID CardIf age less than 18 then computerized Form with computerized ID Card of guardian (FatherMother)
3One attested photocopy of the above documents
43 passport size colored picturesProperly attested (front and back) by Principal or Class-1 Gazetted Officer
5Original as well as 1 photocopy of “Not Recommended” letter by ISSBAlso Required for Repeater Candidates

Benefits to Join Pakistan Army

It is an honor to be a part of the Pakistan Army which serves its motherland by heart without having personal means and is always ready to get Shahadat for your country.

The Pakistan Army takes excellent care of all of its employees. A person who join Pak Army should know all the advantages it offers and all the reasons they should join.

Well, we have mentioned some main advantages of joining Pakistan Army as you can see below:

  • You can respect it nationwide because everyone loves Pakistan Army
  • Job satisfaction
  • You get paid holidays
  • You get paid sick leaves
  • Offers handsome salary packages
  • Get discounts on Medical, shopping, and travel expenses
  • Family housing facilities for individuals
  • You get a chance to serve across Pakistan and in foreign countries
  • Get a pension after retirement
  • In fact, there are multiple advantages but the main benefit is to be “Shaheed”. if you get died while on duty

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to apply for registration. One is to apply online on the official Pakistan Army website. Secondly, visit your nearby Army Recruitment and Selection Centre (AS&RC).

Firstly, you have to wait for a job advertisement then you have to apply for it and pass some tests and interviews to get recommended for Pak Army.

PMA Long Course is for Commissioned Officers. its duration is 2 years and is further divided into four sections having a duration of six months each. after completing PMA Long Course, you will become 2nd Lieutenant.

Yes why not, If you are male and intermediate qualified then you can join for a soldier and PMA Long Course. If you are female then you can apply for nursing services AFNS.

Matric pass can not apply for the course. Intermediate education is required for Commissioned Courses.

You can only apply for PMA Long Course. Check your eligibility that mentioned in the latest advertisement and apply.

There is two choices for you. You can apply for PMA Long Course Or Army Medical Cadet Course (AMCC) if you are interested to serve in the medical field. Check eligibility that mentioned in the latest advertisement and apply respectively.

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It is an honor and a privilege to serve in the Pakistan Army. There are a variety of career opportunities in Pakistan’s armed forces, as well as a rigorous selection process to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s defense. A candidate seeking to join Pak Army will be better prepared by understanding the main corps, job categories, and selection process.

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