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This blog is about the weapons of Pakistan Army including Pakistan Army Tanks, Pak Army Guns, and Pak Army Equipment. Also, get information about Pakistan Army Helicopters. Well, Pakistan Army Weapons and equipment are divided into sections.

Well, Pak Army gets the conventional arms and ammo from Pakistan Ordnance Factories situated in wah Cantt. It was built in 1951, has more than 27000 employees. POF is the largest Defence industrial complex that is producing arms and ammo to international standards. It is under the Ministry of Defense.

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list of Pakistan Army Weapons

The list of Military Weapons are as follows:

  • Small arms
  • Armour
  • Utility & Support Vehicles
  • Artillery inventory
  • Aircraft inventory
  • Helicopters
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Anti-tank
  • Air defense systems

Small Arms

Pakistan Ordinance Factories provides guns and equipment to Pakistan Army,

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 26
Glock 26

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  • HK P7
  • Steyr M9A1: This gun is acquired by SSW.
  • Beretta 92F: This gun is used by ssg
  • SIG Sauer P225: SSG also using this gun
  • Tokarev: Produced locally by POF Pakistan Ordinance Factory.

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Sub-Machine Guns (SMG) and carbines

  • Heckler & Koch MP5: This is SMG manufactured by POF.
  • Heckler & Koch MP5K: Airport Security Force ASF & Personal Security of VIP’s are also using these Pak Army weapons that are Manufactured by POF in Wah Cantt
  • FN P90
  • Sterling SMG: The forces using this SMG in small numbers.
Heckler & Koch MP5K

Assault Rifles

Here is the list of Pakistan Army Rifle.

M4A1 carbine
  • Type 56: This Rifle is Chinese manufactured AK 47.
  • Type 81
  • M16A1: SSG using this rifle.
  • M4A1 carbine: SSG using this.
  • Steyr AUG
  • FN F2000

Battle Rifles

Heckler & Koch G3
  • Heckler & Koch G3: This rifle and other Pakistan Army in service rifles are manufactured by POF.
  • FN FAL: Force using this in small quantity.

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  • M26 grenade
  • M67 grenade
M67 Grenade

Sniper rifles

  • Dragunov SVD
  • HK PSG1: This sniper is manufactured by Pakistan Ordinance Factories.
  • Steyr SSG 69

Anti-material rifles

  • Istiglal: Used in less quantity.
  • M82 Barreta

Machine guns:

  • FN MAG
  • FN Minimi Para
  • MG3: This machine gun is provided by POF.
  • RPD
  • DSHKM: Heavy Machine Gun
  • KPV: Heavy Machine Gun
  • M2 Browning: Heavy Machine Gun

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Grenade launchers

  • Carl Gustav recoil-less rifle
  • Mk 19 grenade launcher
  • M203 grenade launcher
  • RPG-7: Provided by POF.
  • RPG-29
  • Milkor MGL
Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle

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In this section, we have listed Pakistan Army tanks. let me give you a brief description of Al-Khalid tank, the name of the Al-Khalid tank is inspired by the great warrior Khalid Bin Waleed.

Al-Khalid II
  • Al-Khalid II: Improved version of Al-Khalid and currently, Its engine producing 1500 hp.
  • Al-Khalid I: In production
  • Al-Khalid
  • T-80UD: Ukraine delivered 320 tanks between 1997-2002. Now Pakistan and Russia will upgrade this tank jointly.
  • Al-Zarrar: This armor is upgraded from Type 59.
  • Type 85-IIAP
  • Type 69-II
  • Type 63: Light Amphibious tank.
  • Type 59: Upgraded to Al-Zarrar Tank.
  • T-54/55: In Reserve.
  • M48A5: In Reserve.

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Armoured Personnel Carriers, Infantry Fighting Vehicles | Armoured Cars

  • APC Talha: These are 400+ and planning to deploy about 2,000.
  • Otokar Akrep
  • Ferret AFV
  • WZ551
  • Al-Fahd IFV
  • Al-Hamza IFV: In Service.
  • Type 63
  • Sakb
  • Al-Qaswa
  • PT-76: Indonesia delivered this armor.
  • M113
  • Saad APC; In production.
  • M901 ITV
  • BTR-70 / BTR-80
  • Mohafiz: In-service.
  • UR-416: In-service.
  • OT-64 SKOT: Delivered by Slovakia
  • Otokar Cobra
  • BRDM-2

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Ferret AFV

Mine Protected & Clearing Vehicles

  • Cougar: Delivered in 2010.
  • Navistar: FMS program provided these armors

Armoured Recovery Vehicles

  • M88A1 ARV: In-service.
  • Al-Hadeed: Based on APC Talha
  • Type 653 ARV: This tank is based on Type 69.

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Armoured Bridging Vehicles

M60A1 AVLB and M48 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge, Both are in service.

Utility and Support Vehicles

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Unimog U 4000
  • Unimog U 5000
  • Isoli M60 Recovery Crane
  • Yasoob Truck
  • M-34 / M-35
Unimog U 5000

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Artillery Inventory

  • M110 howitzer
  • M109A2
  • M109A5
  • M7 Priest
  • A-100E
  • KRL 122
  • Azar (Type 83)
  • M115
  • MKEK Panter
MKEK Panter
  • M198
  • M114
  • M59
  • Type 59-I
  • Type 56
  • Type 54
  • Type 60
  • M56
  • D-30
  • OTO Melara Mod 56
  • M101
  • Ordnance QF 25 pounder

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Aircraft Inventory


A Royal Air Force Puma helicopter is pictured over the English countryside.
  • Mil Mi-17
  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  • Bell 407
  • Bell 412
  • Bell UH-1 Huey
  • Eurocopter AS550 U2 Fennec
  • Aérospatiale Alouette III
  • Aérospatiale SA-315B Lama
  • Bell AH-1F/S Cobra
  • Eurocopter AS550 C3 Fennec
  • Aérospatiale Puma

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Unnamed Aerial Vehicles

Burraq UCAV
  • Burraq UCAV
  • GIDS Shahpar UAV
  • GIDS Uqab UAV

Anti Tank

  • Baktar-Shikan
  • BGM-71 TOW
  • BGM-71C
  • TOW-2A
  • TOW-2RF
  • M40 recoilless rifle
  • AT-11 Sniper
  • Cobra

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Air Defence System

Bofors 40 mm
  • Crotale
  • Aspide-2000
  • Spada-2000
  • FM-90
  • HN-5A
  • Anza Mk-I
  • Anza Mk-II
  • Anza Mk-III
  • Mistral
  • RBS 70
  • FIM-92 Stinger
  • PG99 (CS/SA1)
  • Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon
  • Bofors 40 mm
  • Type 55 / Type 65
  • ZPU

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