How to Join Punjab Police as ASP, DSP, ASI & Sub Inspector 2023

Learn how you can join Punjab Police as an ASP, DSP, ASI, or Sub Inspector in 2023 on this page. The Punjab Police has its reputation in Pakistan because it has made rapid improvements in all of its divisions, thereby producing a new force every year with highly skilled and physically fit personnel to combat terrorism.

The Government of Punjab recently authorized to recruit professional new forces in Punjab Police to be known as “Dolphin Force”. This new force is highly skilled and equipped.

It is our desire to work in Punjab Police from ASI to Inspector because as we advance year by year from ASI to Sub Inspector, we are able to advance to Inspector and so on. The PPSC conducts ASI and Sub-Inspector exams after job announcements, and the PMS exams are also held by PPSC for Inspector and above ranks jobs.

All candidates must be qualified and capable to be considered for a job. Below we are going to mention how to Police Officer for the following posts, along with some requirements and field joining criteria. Here is the information regarding how to join police department:

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Police Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for joining Punjab Police as an ASP

The ASP stands for Additional Superintendent of Police. In order to select an ASP, it must be decided by the Federal Public Service Commission, which is the high-level board of the federal government that works closely with the Central Superior Commission and takes some tests for selection of such posts that belong to the 17th grade.

In order to become an ASP, the candidate must have passed an exam necessary for the 17th grade post, as well as having graduated from college. An ASP candidate will be sent to training after passing the CSS exam and are then able to join the police as an ASP.

Eligibility Criteria for joining Punjab Police as a DSP

The DSP stands for Deputy Superintendent Of Police in Police department. As with ASP, DSP selection is governed by the Federal Public Service Commission and it also involves passing the Central Service Commission competitive test. After passing the test, training is offered. After training, one can join this department.

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Eligibility Criteria for joining Police Force as an ASI

ASI refers to Assistant Sub Inspector, who is a police officer with a BPS scale of 9. Assisting Sub Inspectors are selected by the Federal Public Service Commission. It is necessary to have an intermediate education, a height of 5 feet 6 inches, and to be between the ages of 18 and 25 to be eligible to work in this field.

Selection criteria include a written test, an interview, a medical examination, and finally a training course so the candidate can learn the duties of this job and after completing it, the candidate can become a police officer.

Eligibility Criteria for joining Punjab Police as a Sub Inspector

Sub Inspectors in the Punjab Police are required to have graduated with a second division from a recognized university. Sub Inspectors are graded on a BPS scale of 14. They should be between 20 and 25 years of age.

Applicants must reside in their own district. Males should be 5 feet 7 inches tall and females should be 5 feet 2 inches tall. Males should measure 33 inches to 34.5 inches in chest size.

The eyesight should be approximately 6/9 for both men and women, regardless of whether they wear glasses. This department will reject all forms if a medical fitness report is not attached with the documents and is not clear if there is even the slightest disability.

The police department conducts a series of tests before joining this field, comprised of different types of tests.

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How to Join Police

The General Knowledge section of the test includes Current Affairs, Islamic Studies, Everyday Science, Ethics, Analogies, Similarities, Relationship concepts, and arithmetical reasoning and problem-solving.

Following this test, a quantitative/computer test will be administered which will test computing skills, number symmetries, fractions, square roots, averages, profit loss sums, and percentages to evaluate the candidate’s quantitative approach and aptitude.

In this quantitative test, you will be tested on your basic knowledge of software, hardware, email and the Internet.

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