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23rd March Pakistan Day | Resolution Day of Pakistan

Resolution Day (Youm e Pakistan) 23rd March Pakistan Day is a national holiday in Pakistan remembering the Lahore Resolution that passed on 23rd March 1940. It is celebrated by the Full Joint Inter-Services military parade, bestowing of national decorations. Also, a parade was performed by Armed Forces as a celebration.

Celebration on 23rd March Pakistan Day

The celebration of Youm e Pakistan is held in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The Chief Guest is usually the President of Pakistan alongside the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairmen Joint Chiefs, Military Chiefs of Staff and Cabinet Ministers.

Also, news media do live broadcasting of a parade that is rehearsed by a full inter-services joint military parade all over the country.

During this parade, Pakistan’s military inter-services also presents a sight of its capabilities and power.

The festivals in regards to the occasion remember a full military and civil parade in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. These are supervised by the President of Pakistan and are held promptly toward the beginning of the day.

After the parade, the President presents public honours and medals to the awardees at the Presidency. Wreaths are likewise laid at the tombs of Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah founder of Pakistan.

On uncommon occasions and importance, unfamiliar dignitaries have been welcome to attend this military parade.

New York City has observed North America’s biggest Pakistan Day march for quite a long time In the United States. New Jersey’s first yearly Pakistan Day march was hung on August 16, 2015, in Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey.

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Parade Commanders

the following officers from the military have led the joint services parade from 1956 to 2018:

1983Brigadier Nasir Mehmood1st Punjab Regiment
1987Brigadier Afzal Janjua SJFF RegtLater Lt. Gen.
1989Brigadier Yasub Dogar2 FF Regiment (Guides)
1996Brigadier Naveed Nasr17 Punjab RegimentAlso commanded 70 Punjab
1997Brigadier Javed Iqbal18 Field RegimentMS to Nawaz Sharif in 1999
1998Brigadier Akram SahiFF RegtLater Maj. Gen.
1999Brigadier Khalid Nawaz Janjua3 Baluch RegtLater Lt. Gen.
20xxBrigadier Badar MunirAK Regt
2005Brigadier Naushad KianiPunjab RegtLater Maj. Gen.
2007Brigadier Tariq GhafoorFF RegtLater Maj. Gen.
2008Brigadier Ihsan ul HaqLater Maj. Gen.
2015Brigadier Khurram Sarfaraz27 Baluch Regt
2016Brigadier Amir Majeed29 AK Regt
2017Brigadier Amer Ahsan Nawaz3 Baluch RegtNow Lt. Gen.
2018Brigadier Amer Amin19 FF Regt 

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Foreign Contingents on Pakistan Day

1956Janissary Military BandTurkey
1956Iran Military ContingentIran
1956Turkish Military ContingentTurkey
1997Janissary Military BandTurkey
2017Beijing Garrison Honor Guard BattalionChina
2017Janissary Military bandTurkey
2018Saudi Arabian Special ForcesSaudi Arabia
2018UAE elite unitUAE
2018Jordanian Armed Forces BandJordan
2019Azerbaijan ArmyAzerbaijan
2019People’s Liberation Army Air ForceChina
2019Turkish Air ForceTurkey
2019Saudi Arabian Army (Paratroopers)Saudi Arabia
2019Sri Lanka Army (Paratroopers)Sri Lanka
2019Royal Bahraini Army (Paratroopers)Bahrain
2019Royal Brunei Land Forces (Paratroopers)Brunei

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History of Resolution Pakistan Day

The result of the Resolution of Pakistan in 1940 is known as one of the most powerful political movements in recent world history. Because it forced the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

This nation was bound to endure and flourish regardless of being mistreated with great tricks and interests brought away in quick progression by sick wishing powers.

Lahore Resolution
Lahore Resolution

In March 1940, the nation of Pakistan celebrates the gain by the Muslim League at the Minar e Pakistan that called for building up a free league containing areas with Muslim majority situated in north-western and north-eastern locale of British controlled regions in India (excluding self-ruling princely States).

The Pakistan came into being after seven years (1947) because of a powerful resolution on 23rd March 1940.

Then, it was made in the wake of sharp philosophical partitions that were increased by the influenced conduct of the Hindu authority, whose sole point was to conquer the Muslim people after India’s freedom from British frontier rule.

Influenced by the wisdom and hyperopia of thinker Allama Muhammad Iqbal and founder of the country Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Muslims of the subcontinent before long understood that they risked turning into a lasting minority if India stayed unified after Independence.

Pakistan Resolution Day
Pakistan Resolution Day back in 1940

This acknowledgement did not depend on fear alone however on strong computations. In the arising, post-autonomy situation,

Then, it was probably going to turn out to be almost not possible for Muslims to ensure their essential rights under the umbrella of the Hindu larger part, whose pioneers and elite class had effectively begun showing authoritative attitudes

During the lifespan, between the adoption of the Lahore Resolution and Independence, the Muslim population included only one-fourth of the complete Indian population.

Given the present circumstance, Muslims initially requested separate electorates with the point of ensuring their political, social and religious rights.

Because of the political improvements that occurred from there on, in contrast, they confirmed that even the option to isolate electorates would not be sufficient. They needed to look for some other long term solution.

In his recognized Allahabad address, Iqbal clarified that Islam had its own socio-economic system and, to carry out it, a different, free political substance was required.

Guided by Iqbal’s vision, Jinnah started working going full bore to gather Muslim help.

The powerful help from the Muslim masses for his call to commend the Day of Deliverance on December 22, 1939, was really a representative demonstration of approval in Jinnah’s leadership.

This mass activation before long changed into the Pakistan Movement. Jinnah’s speeches raised assurance, which gave Muslims the certainty to shape their own fate.

It was, truth be told, the main indication of individuals’ will and backing that at last won over every one of the interests initiated by the Hindu authority, who did their most extreme, allied with some British colonial functionaries, to oppose the formation of an independent Muslim country.

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Quaid e Azam M. Ali Jinnah’s Addresses to the Nation

Quaid e Azam Ali Jinnah's address to the Nation
Quaid e Azam Ali Jinnah’s addresses to the Nation in 1940

Jinnah’s spoke to the nation in the Lahore Conference, which at last embraced the March 23 Resolution, triggered large numbers of Muslims to dispatch an economical, relentless development for freedom.

Jinnah also expressed that: “Muslims are a nation according to any definition of nationhood. We wish our people to develop to the fullest, spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way that we think best and in consonance with our own ideals and according to the genius of our people.”

During his speech, Jinnah additionally cited the letter composed by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1924 to C.R. Das, in which he obviously referenced that Hindus and Muslims were two distinct and separate nations that would never be converted into a solitary one.

When, on one event, Muslim outstanding Malik Barkat Ali asserted that Lala Lajpat Rai was a patriot Hindu pioneer, Jinnah reacted, “No Hindu can be a nationalist. Every Hindu is a Hindu first and last.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Pakistan Resolution passed on 23rd March 1940. 23rd March was the turning point in the history of Muslims of South Asia. It fixed a true goal of a separate homeland for the Muslims North-East and North-West. It gave courage and a new spirit to the Muslims who gathered around Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the struggle for freedom.

On this day, we celebrate Pakistan Day by doing a full military and civil parade in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. These are supervised by the President of Pakistan and are held promptly toward the beginning of the day.

Youm e Pakistan/ Pakistan Resolution/ Republic Day is celebrated as National Day on March 23rd March

Yes, March 23 is a special Day for Pakistani Nationals because on this day Pakistan Resolution was passed for a separate homeland of Muslims.

23rd March was the turning point in the history of Muslims of South Asia. It fixed a true goal of a separate homeland for the Muslims North-East and North-West. It gave courage and a new spirit to the Muslims who gathered around Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the struggle for freedom.

Pakistan Resolution of separate homeland passed on 22-24 March 1940 held at Minto Park, Lahore.

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