Special Service Group | SSG Commandos

After the Pakistani-Indian War of 1947, establishing an elite commando division within the Army was accepted. Pakistan Special Service Group SSG Army is Commissioned in 1956 with help from US Army Special Forces for an elite special operations division.

SSG Commando
SSG Commando

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Pak SSG Army nature and its training are approximately similar to British Special Air Service (SAS) and US Army Special Forces and Delta Force. Tentative estimations of the group’s size are set at four battalions, but the exact strength is kept highly classified.

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After the Indian-Pakistani War of 1965 and the successful commissioning of the Special Service Group SSG , the Pakistan Navy accepted advice for commissioning its specific operational unit quickly.

In 1966, it was founded as Special Service Group Navy (SSGN), it is an elite and secretive commando group whose training and combat operations are like the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service and US Navy‘s (DEVGRU), and Air, Land, Sea (SEAL) teams.

The actual static strength of the SSG Pakistan Army is kept secret and classified of operative’s identities. Significantly fewer details of their missions are publicly disclosed.

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Since 1990, the small unit of Pakistan Marines has operated detective units to stop the Indian Army‘s actions in the Sir Creek region.

Other units of Marines are trained to carry out operations with airborne, heliborne, submarine, and waterborne insertions and removals.

In 2004, Pakistan Air Force established the Special Service Wing (SSW) is the newest special operations commando group, in the wake of difficulties posed by the Afghanistan war. The unit was also active before and had played a significant role during the Indian-Pakistani War of 1947, 1965, and 1971.

The SSW is established to execute complicated aerial and land operations, serving as similar to the US Air Force’s Special Tactics Squadron units.

By following the other secret service’s tradition, the actual number of its serving personnel is held organized.

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