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A combination of 15 calls has been integrated into the police station record management system (PSRMS) in response to the decades-old problem of non-registration of public complaints.

A new scheme to ensure 100 percent free case registration in all police stations in the province was launched Tuesday by IGP Inam Ghani. Officers from the senior rank of the police force attended the inaugural ceremony which aimed to highlight the important components of the initiative.

Punjab DIG Operations Sohail Akhtar Sukhera stated, “The IGP Punjab has inaugurated an intervention which will convert the 15 call units into a written entry in real-time in the daily diary.”

He, along with Punjab DIG Information and Technology (IT) Waqas Nazir, addressed the press about how the government will be able to convert the 15 call units into the daily diary entries. He said the initiative represented a continuation of the reforms Mr. Ghani had implemented since assuming the role of IGP.

The DIG stated that “We have witnessed a chain of applications to provide common man hassle-free system and they can get information just by pushing a button.”

He said the intervention would help register the Punjab Police complaint of an individual and if there is a crime related to loss of property and is not nominating anyone, then the FIR would be lodged within 24 hours.

Mr. Sukhera said, “This will certainly ensure free registration curbing the general pretexts of the responders.”

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According to the DIG, the police officials involved abused delaying tactics or fabricated excuses to mislead their bosses about the 15 complaints of citizens by claiming the caller’s phone was off, he was not responding, etc. According to his insight, the officers will be required to give logical reasons why they are not lodging the Punjab Police FIR under the new scheme.

According to the DIG, more than 62 percent of the complaints were not handled properly under the old faulty mechanism. However, now, he said, all 15 calls would be automatically reported to the respective police station, and the caller would receive a text message on his mobile phone. When the circle officer or district police officer fails to register the first information Police Report Punjab within 24 hours of calling, an alert will be sent to the circle officer, district police officer, and city police officer.

Consequently, the supervisory officers will be informed at all times about the non-registration of the FIR Punjab Police, which will eliminate the possibility of the complaints of the 15 callers not being registered.

Mr. Sukhera called the new system being implemented by the IGP to integrate 15 calls with the PSRMS an important step forward to addressing a legitimate grievance of the common citizen of non-registration of FIRs.

Likewise, the DIG IT noted that the second step, wherein individuals can submit their applications to any Khidmat Markaz without visiting a police station, was definitely revolutionary.

Mr. Nazir said this novel scheme boasts the advantage that an aggrieved person can lodge a written complaint to any Khidmat Markaz within his area regardless of whether the Markaz is within or outside the geographic jurisdiction of the police station concerned.

In addition, he said that his application could be filed even in a Khidmat Markaz based in another city. All segments of society could benefit, especially the elderly and the women who save themselves the trouble of traveling.

Police leadership is widely recognized for its efforts to improve the police image, as well as to introduce practical reforms by minimizing all sorts of irritants, according to the DIG.

When asked about the importance of the Khidmat Markaz, he replied that these facilities all across the province and helped 590,000 residents to settle their issues last year. He said that further reforms were in the works for the investigative wing as well and that he believed that in the not-too-distant future, the Punjab Police will be leading the way in implementing the most up-to-date and contemporary system in the public’s best interests.

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For Punjab Police online complaint or Police Report Punjab, you can email on: pkm.punjab@gmail.com. The Punjab Police complaint number is 8787. For more details, visit the official website of Punjab Police.


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