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The Paramilitary Forces are under different ministerial departments, and appointments are directly made by the armed forces. In a 2010 assessment, Pakistan’s Paramilitary Personnel are about 420,000.

The army makes appointments for military offices and command of the Pakistan Rangers, Coast Guards, National Guards, and Frontier Corps.

The Navy appoints the Maritime Security Agency as part of the external billets commission.

Two-Star rank officers are usually assigned to command the Paramilitary Forces Pakistan.

The PAF gives training and commands to the Airports Security Force (ASF) for assuring the safeguard and protection of airports in Pakistan.

On some events, Air force officers have been appointed to corporate positions at Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority as deputies.

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Federal Paramilitaries

The current strength of federal paramilitary forces is approximately 330,000 personnel and divided into two groups:

  • Civil Armed Forces (CAF) are Frontier Corps, the Rangers within the Interior Ministry.
  • Second-line military forces and reserves within the Defence Ministry egg the Maritime Security Agency.

Also, the Provincial government additionally controls various specific police forces.

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ForceGovernment department(s)AuthorityTotal active personnel
National GuardDefenceFederal185,000
Maritime Security AgencyDefenceFederal2,500
Pakistan Coast GuardsDefenceFederal7,000
Pakistan RangersDefence
Frontier CorpsDefence
Gilgit Baltistan ScoutsDefence
Frontier ConstabularyInteriorBalochistan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Anti-Narcotics ForceNarcotics ControlFederal3,100
Airports Security ForceDefence
Aviation Division

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Paramilitary Forces of Pakistan

Here is the list of PFP:

  • Pakistan Coast Guards
  • Former Paramilitary forces of Pakistan
    • Al-Badr (East Pakistan)
    • Al-Shams (East Pakistan)
    • Azad Kashmir Regular Force
    • Gilgit Scouts
    • Mehran Force
    • Razakar
    • Federal Security Force‎
  • Frontier Corps‎
    • Bajaur Scouts
    • Chagai Miltia
    • Chitral Scouts
    • Kharan Rifles
    • Zhob Militia
    • Khurram Rifles
    • Khyber Rifles
  • National Guard of Pakistan‎
    • Mujahid Force
  • Pakistan Levies‎
    • Balochistan Levies
    • Dir Levies
    • Malakand Levies
    • Swat Levies
  • 34th Light Infantry Division
  • Khasadar
  • Pakistan Ranger

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Provincial Paramilitary forces

The paramilitary forces of Federal Capital & the Provinces of Pakistan maintain paramilitary arms which perform as a mobile armed reserve.

Paramilitary forces are not typically in contact with people in general besides during public occasions, natural disasters, and civil unrest. They keep up key defender posts and take an interest in anti-terrorist tasks. Depending upon the sort of task, they might be or may not carry guns.


  • Balochistan Police consists of 38,000 strong metropolitan police forces with locale in 8 out of 30 regions of Balochistan.
    • Counter-Terrorism Force consists of 900 active personnel in eleven-11 wings
    • A reserve police unit “Balochistan Constabulary” has more than 11,000 active personnel. In 1978, the Baluchistan Constabulary, or parts of it, situated at regions Khuzdarand Kharan, was changed over to a unit of Frontier Corps (Balochistan) and named the Kharan Rifles. The workforce of the constabulary units was coordinated as 75 Wing and 76 Wing, while 84 Wing of Chagai Militia was separated from that unit and set under an order given the name Kharan Rifles.
  • Balochistan Levies consists of 23,000-strong law implementation and security agencies and has authority in 22 out of 30 regions of Balochistan

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police
    • Police Rapid Response Force
    • Reserve Frontier Police consist of a 10,000-man force working in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
    • Elite force is a specialized segment of 6,000 high-risk security tasks and counter-terrorism.
    • Special Combat Unit (SCU) is a large region-wide strategic police unit.
    • Local officials raised Levies for local operations,  ordinarily for nearby order and security for example Khyber Agencies, Dir, and Mohmand.
      • Malakand Levies, working in Malakand Division
      • Dir Levies
      • Khyber Levies
    • Khasadar Forces are situated all through the areas of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA),

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  • Punjab Police
    • Dolphin Force – a bike based mobile patrol unit
    • Elite Police is the extremely trained tactical that assists region police with high-risk tasks
    • Special Protection Unit (SPU) consists of 3,829 men giving protection to foreigners serving on national important projects inside Punjab

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  • Sindh Police
    • Reserve Police
    • Special Security Unit
    • Rapid Response Force

Islamabad Police

  • Islamabad Police
    • Armed Response Unit
    • Anti Terrorist Squad
    • Theft Reporting Counter

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