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Pakistan Rangers are part of paramilitary forces and operate under the control interior Secretary of Pakistan. This is the branch of the Civil Armed Forces. The primary responsibility of rangers is to defend and secure the sites of the country.

Moreover, these forces are also involved in major internal and external security operations with the collaboration of the regular Pakistan Army and give assistance to police forces to maintain law and order against crime, unrest and terrorism.

The main role of Pak Rangers is to provide internal security, border control, and counter-terrorism. The rangers are the security forces with the objective of implementing and maintaining security in the area of conflict as well as in war zone too.

There is 25,000 active personnel in Pak Rangers. The motto of Pakistan Ranger is داﯾمً ﺳﺎﮪرً‎ means
“Ever Ready”.

The Director-General of Punjab Rangers is Major-General Muhammad Aamir Majeed and Major-General Omer Ahmed Bokhari is the Director-General of Sindh.

The Pakistan Rangers consist of two forces, the one is Pakistan Ranger Punjab and the other is Pakistan Ranger Sindh. The headquarter of Pakistan ranger Punjab is situated in Lahore, Punjab and the headquarters of Sindh ranger is in Karachi, Sindh. And the third headquarters is in Islamabad, ICT.

These two forces maintain different chains of command and also their uniforms are different but work under the same ordinances.

Every evening, the Pakistan Rangers participate in a Flag lowering ceremony together with their counterparts in the Indian border Security forces at Wagah Border, Lahore.

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Pakistan Ranger Punjab

Same as Sindh rangers, the responsibility of Punjab Rangers is to do duty on the border that is 1300 kilometers long with India. This force has 16,100 rangers that are also employed throughout Pakistan-noticeably in Islamabad territory, Rajanpur, and many other districts and cities.

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Pakistan Rangers Sindh

The force of Sindh Rangers has 24,945 active personnel serving force the border security that is 912 kilometers long with India. The rangers are divided into 30 wings and each wing consists of 830 rangers.

The Sindh Rangers have the responsibility of patrolling and protecting the national highways, the Indus river, and the areas with hilly terrain where police cannot serve properly.

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Pakistan Rangers Ranks

The ranks structure in Pakistan Rangers OR, NCO, and JCO  ranks are as follows:

  • Sepoy
  • Lance Naik
  • NCO Ranks
    • Naik
    • Havaldar
  • JCO Ranks
    • Sub-inspector
    • Inspector
    • Senior Inspector
  • OR Ranks
    • Direct Entry Sub Inspector
    • Inspector
    • DSR (Deputy Superintendent of the Rangers)
    • SR (Superintendent of the Rangers)
    • SSR (Senior Superintendent of the Rangers)

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