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Pakistan Coast Guards (PGC) is a Paramilitary Force working under the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Pakistan Coast Guards are a unique combination of sea-based and land-based armed forces that serve under one command. Its inventory consists of vessels and marine equipment, in addition to land-based control equipment.

The combination of these attributes gives the force the capability and capacity to conduct operations on land and throughout the sea.

PCG is an exceptional law enforcement force among other Security Forces and Agencies because of the union of serving along the coast, either on land or the sea.

The PCG branch is renowned by the Navy’s Maritime Security Agency (MSA).

The MSA has the strength to do rescue operations and search in deep-sea and has a prime duty of defending the coastal areas while doing military services for maritime law implementation in international and national waters.

However, the Army’s Coast Guard is responsible for a policing role by stopping violations of crime such as smuggling, human trafficking through the seashore of the country.

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Headquarters and Battalions

HQ and PCG Hospital with their complements.

Lieutenant Colonels are appointed to command PCG Battalions by the Army. Following are the locations of the Battalions:

  • 1st Battalion, Uthal
  • 2nd Battalion, Korangi
  • 3rd Battalion, Gwadar
  • 4th Battalion, Pasni

There are three or four companies per battalion, led by majors and captains from the Army.

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Marine Wing

Pakistan Coast Guards is serving throughout the country to protect Pakistan’s 1050 km of coastline as well as its 12 NM territorial waters. PCG Marine Wing management is responsible for working in 12 NM of territorial waters. A commander of the Pakistan Navy’s operation branch supervised.

The MW is based in Karachi and it is under the supervision of a commander of the Pakistan Navy operation branch.

Marine Wing has fast patrol boats, lethal assault boats, and other Boat Utility Craft equipped with the latest equipment.

Marine Wing has complete facilities to make his personnel ready for full-time training in the relevant fields. They are also capable of conducting general and technical cadets.

Additionally, the Search and Rescue Centre has been established by Marine Wing PCG to save property and lives in distress.

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Mounted Infantry Troop

The AT Coy Training Wing is based in Korangi and maintains horses, camels, and cows that are used by the Army in the field, as well as a dog section. They operate under the command of a seconded captain from RV&FC of the Army.

Roles of Pakistan Coast Guards


To stop the activities of smugglers and smuggling at sea (both inbound as well as outbound). All along the coastal belt, PCG battalions have special checkpoints and also patrol the threatened regions randomly.

It is also in control of an extensive network of agents and informers which are used to establish pickets in consultation with the commandants of the PCG battalions when smuggling activities are reported.

This task is carried out by modern communication and surveillance equipment; including radars.

Human Trafficking

In recent years, Pakistan Coast Guard has increasingly conducted operations against drug trafficking and human smuggling networks operating within its maritime boundaries.

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Counter Narcotics

PCG commands the narcotics prevention and control operations along the coastline of Pakistan.


  • Fast Patrol Boats (FPB)s – including Rigid inflatable boats
  • Interceptor Boats (IB)s
  • Speed Boats (SB)s

PCG Air Wing

  • Bell 412
  • Jet Ranger

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