Cadet College Kohat Admission 2023 Test Results list

Cadet College Kohat admission opens for 8th grade and first-year classes in 2022-2023. The college prospectus and admission form can be obtained by mail or hand for Rs. 650/- or Rs. 600/- respectively, at Cadet College Kohat. You must attach the registration fee in the form of a bank draft or money order for Rs. 1600/- drawn in the name of Principal Cadet College Kohat in favor of cadet college Kohat branch code 2460.

Application forms can also be downloaded from here, as well as from the official website (link is given below) and must be submitted along with a bank draft or money order for Rs. 2200.

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Eligibility for 8th Class

Children must be between the ages of 12 and 14 by 31 March 2022.

Download Application Form for 8th class: Download Form

Eligibility for 11th class

  • Candidates must be 15 to 17 years old on 1st August, 2022.
  • Applicants must have scored more than 70% in the SSC exam.
  • Students who are awaiting results may also apply, if their last institution has issued them a hope certificate. They will also have to submit a dully filled application form and a copy of their detailed mark sheet from 9th grade.
  • All citizens of Pakistan are welcome to apply.

Download Application Form for 8th class: Download Form

Cadet College Kohat Admission FA/FSc Admissions
FAFSc Pre Medical
IComICs Computer Science
FSc Pre Engineering

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Entry Test Schedule

The test will take place for Cadet College Kohat admission in April 2022. The entrance test will include questions about English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. There will only be an entrance test at the Garrison Cadet College Kohat.

Interview & Medical Examination

The students who are successful in the written entrance exam will also have to appear for medical examinations and interviews. Candidates shortlisted for interview and medical examination will be notified individually of their interview date and venue.

Students and parents are urged to clearly specify that in which category they prefer. Some seats are available on self-financing as well.

SSC candidates who are awaiting their results may apply if the institution certifies that the candidate will pass the annual examination with more than 75 percent.

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Cadet College Kohat

The Cadet College Kohat (CCK) is a military high school for eighth-grade to 12th-grade boys. College objectives include providing quality education on an egalitarian basis to all sections of society based on merit. 

Initially, cadet colleges were established in Hasanabdal, Kohat, and Petaro by the late Field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan. The CCK is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable institutions. The CCK was established in 1965. There were 58 cadets and one boarding house, called Jinnah House when the academic program began.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Garrison College Kohat

  • Any student who has passed their previous exams at a well-recognized institution with excellent marks is eligible to apply.
  • The upper and lower age limits are also strict in this reputable institute and there is no relaxation.
  • You must pass the entry test administered by the officials of this well-respected college in order to apply. The applicant must be physically and medically fit.

It is here that you will find detailed information regarding the fee structure of Cadet College Kohat. The official website of this well-known college provides detailed information regarding the fee structure for each class. Additionally, you can visit this well-known website of Pakistan to check it out.

Self Finance Fee: At the time of admission, there will be an additional fee of Rs. 200,000/- two lacs that will not be refunded.

Forms with late fees of Rs. 500/- have to be submitted by 20 October 2021 if the application is received by the last date of receipt.

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Cadet College Kohat Contact Number

Phone(0922) 561300
AddressCadet College Kohat Village Togh Payan, Kohat, North West Frontier

Cadet College Kohat admission

Garrison Cadet College Kohat Admission

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Selection: 8th Class (57th Entry) 2022-2023

Candidates for 8th grade Cadet College Kohat admission are listed below. They are notified by mail.  The following dues should be paid accordingly:

MERIT CANDIDATES  ( Rs. 1,46,500.00 – Deposit before 15 January, 2022)

S/No.R/No.Name of CandidateFather’s NameCtgry
19Abdul Rafay HayatHayat Muhammad KhanMerit
211Abdullah WahabAbdul WahabMerit
374Ibrahim JamilAbdul JamilMerit
4101Muhammad Abdullah KhanDr. Muhammad TariqMerit
5170Muhammad Saleh HassanNadeem Hassan KhanMerit
6263Umer FarooqWaqar ul MulkMerit
7689Hamza AhsanAhsan NazirMerit
8693Hussain Raza QureshiSafdar Abbas QureshiMerit
9729Muhammad Hamza AhsanAhsan Ali SajjadMerit
10730Muhammad Hamza QaisraniAbdul Waheed QaisraniMerit
11753Muhammad Saad KhanM Umar Hayat KhanMerit
12906Abdur Rehman KhanMuhammad Zubair KhanMerit
13908Afzal KhanMuhammad Afsar KhanMerit
14919Faisal Ijaz AhmadIjaz AhmadMerit
15925Hamza BachaSardar AliMerit
16942Mir Anees ManzoorMaznoor Ahmad MirMerit
17950Muhammad AyyanMuhammad TufailMerit
18959Muhammad Ibrahim GulGul Tavaz KhanMerit
19965Muhammad QasimTaufeeq EjazMerit
20993Shahab ud Din AzharAzhar HussainMerit
211004Umar Zahid KhanZahid KhanMerit
221103Abdul BasitAbdul HadiMerit
231265Ahmad Hassan NadeemM Faisal NadeemMerit
241274Ali JalilHaji Abdul Jalil KhanMerit
251287Ch. Muhammad HaseebMuhammad IsmailMerit
261291Fazal ur RehmanBashir AhmedMerit
271292Ghani KhanHumayun KhanMerit
281302Hesham MahsudMuhammad Idrees MahsudMerit
291316Mathi UllahRahman WazirMerit
301319Muhammad Aayan SamiSamiullah KhanMerit
311336Muhammad Anas RamayRiaz Ahmad RamayMerit
321339Muhammad Asaad RamayRiaz Ahmad RamayMerit
331350Muhammad Habib UllahIhsanullahMerit
341351Muhammad Hannan AliSajjad HussainMerit
351357M Hassam Ali KhanMuhammad AqeelMerit
361403Saad Ali YousafzaiAsghar AliMerit
371405Saad SaeedMuhammad Saeed AhmadMerit
381445Arham Imran ShafiImran ShafiMerit
391729Muhammad MustafaNiamat Ullah KhanMerit
401746Muhammad Waleed KhanMuhammad Sadiq KhanMerit
411782Syed Hamad ShahSyed Sana Ullah ShahMerit
421936Momaiz Ahmad RehmanAsad ur RehmanMerit
431956Muhammad Aryan KhanMuhammad ArifMerit
442207Abdul MuhaimenMuhammad RahmanMerit
452233Arham Imtenan Bin TahirMuhammad Tahir KhattakMerit
462246Fahad FarooqMuhammad FarooqMerit
472253Farzain AhmedZulfiqar AhmedMerit
482296Manzar IbtisamMajid KhanMerit
492307Muhammad Aashir HussainDildar HussainMerit
502334Muhammad Areeb KhanMalik Mazhar KhanMerit
512409Muhammad SaadZulfiqar AlamMerit
522413Muhammad Saad NawabSher Nawab KhanMerit
532436Muhammad Souban AtharIhsan UllahMerit
542456Muhammad UsmanSajid NaeemMerit
552498Shah HaseebHabib ur RasoolMerit
562515Syed Qiyadat HussainSyed Gul Syed HussainMerit
572525Tashefeen IqbalNadeem IqbalMerit
582597Haad KhanMansoor KhanMerit
593005Abdal KhanKaiser Jamal KhanMerit
603008Abdul HaseebJehanzebMerit
613012Abdul Muqsit KhanM Hamayun KhanMerit
623016Abdul Wahab ParachaSherdad AhmedMerit
633036Afnan Ali QureshiAli Raza QureshiMerit
643070Faisal RehmanRafiq ur RehmanMerit
653096Khizar AliSher Ali KhanMerit
663099Maaz AhmadMotawali KhanMerit
673117M Abdur Rahman HashirTufail MuhammadMerit
683120Muhammad AhmadRiaz AfsarMerit
693124Muhammad Aimal KhanAkhtar NaseerMerit
703138Muhammad Dawood KhanWajid AliMerit
713145Muhammad Habeel KhanMuazzam KhanMerit
723152Muhammad HasnainDin MuhammadMerit
733157Muhammad Hassan NawazMuhammad NawazMerit
743159Muhammad HizamJalal ud DinMerit
753169Muhammad Jibran KhanIqbal HussainMerit
763173Muhammad Maaz ShahSyed Abid ShahMerit
773174Muhammad Maaz ZahidMuhammad Zahid JanMerit
783179Muhammad MusaMuhammad ArshadMerit
793180Muhammad Musa AsifMuhammad AsifMerit
803200Muhammad SaqibArsh ur RahmanMerit
813201Muhammad Saqib HabibHabib Ullah KhanMerit
823241Nadir KhanAyub KhanMerit
833248Qais AbidAbid Ali KhanMerit
843252Raza Ahmad KhanShaukat Ahmad KhanMerit
853265SaifullahSheraz AhmadMerit
863267Salar ul IslamShakir UllahMerit
873271Sami Ullah KhanRaza KhanMerit
883277Shayan KhattakBahadar JanMerit
893286Syed Kazim Ali ShahSyed Abbas Ali ShahMerit
903309Zarak KhanAbdul Aziz KhanMerit
913314Ziyar KhanAmir ZadaMerit
923527Hishham Ullah KhanJawad Ullah KhanMerit
933528Hunain Ullah KhanAmad Ullah KhanMerit
943613Muhammad Saud BilalNiamat Ullah KhanMerit
953801Abd ur RehmanMuhammad BilalMerit
963836Ammar AbdullahSub Umar HayatMerit
973864Malik Ahmed NadeemNaseem HussainMerit
983869Mansur AliSher AliMerit
993922Muhammad MoosaTahir IqbalMerit
1003928Muhammad Rehan MalikMalik ZahidMerit
1013942Muhammad Zohaib AsmatAmsat UllahMerit
1023986Muhammad AliWaseemMerit
1033990Muhammad Shaheer KhanMuhammad Saeed KhanMerit
Self Finance Candidates( Rs. 4,96,500.00 – Deposit before 17 January, 2021)
S/No.R/No.Name of CandidateFather’s NameCtgry
170Hussain Shaukat KhanShaukat Ullah KhanSF
2129Muhammad Haider SaleemUmer SaleemSF
3146Muhammad Ibrahim ShahEngr Azhar HabibSF
4163Muhammad SaadDr. Amin JanSF
5191Muhammad YaseenAsif Jan MarwatSF
6243S Muhammad Ali HassanSyed Hassan JanSF
7813Muhammad IsmailMaher Allah DittaSF
8901Abdul MunhimAbdul AzizSF
9997Syed Azam ShahSyed Dawood ShahSF
101378Muhammad Sohaib KhanMuhammad Younas KhanSF
111481Ayaan BangashZafar BangashSF
121603Abdul Azeem KhanNek Wali ShahSF
131682Muhammad Abdullah ShahAnwar Ali ShahSF
141686Muhammad AfnanMuhammad NumanSF
151745Muhammad Umar HassanShafqat Ullah KhanSF
161965Muhammad Dayam SaeedAssim SaeedSF
172015Muhammad ZainMuhammad IsmailSF
182266Hissan ShafiqShafiq ur RehmanSF
192313Muhammad Abyan SabirSabir Mehmood KhattakSF
202376Muhammad Ijaz KhanFazal ur Rehman KhanSF
212427Muhammad Shaheer ParachaMuhammad SherazSF
222447Muhammad Taha MashkoorDr. Mubashir HussainSF
232598Ashman Shabir AwanSafdar Shabir AwanSF
243002Aamir RahmanGhani RahmanSF
253003Aamir Sudais DurraniNasim KhanSF
263037Afrasiyab KhanAbdul Hameed KhanSF
273044Ahmad Sameer ZebFarud ZebSF
283055Asim ShehzadNisar KhanSF
293086Hummam AhmadMuhammad SalamSF
303092Izzat Ullah QureshiMutasim BillahSF
313101Muhammad Saeed ul HaqSyed Ihsan ul HaqSF
323107Mudasser Faraz KhattakSaid ul Abrar KhanSF
333136Muhammad Danyal KhanSajjad KhanSF
343144Muhammad Fawad TahirTahir HussainSF
353172Muhammad MaazMuhammad Ismail

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