Cadet College Jhang Admissions 2023 For Boys and Girls

Cadet College Jhang Admissions will begin for classes two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and the first year of the eleventh class. The admission process will be merit-based. A written test will be administered on English, Urdu, General Science and Mathematics, according to the admission policy. Admission tests will be administered in several cities across Pakistan.

It is imperative that you prepare for the entry test carefully since it is a competitive examination and a high score is necessary for success. Application forms must be submitted by the deadline listed in the advertisement.

Interested students can also contact the admissions office at Cadet College Jhang. This page contains information about Cadet College Jhang Admission Form 2023 Last Date, the Application form and a complete admission guide.

Girls and boys can apply for admission in class 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 1st Year 11th in 2023. Admission applications must be submitted by June 30. Admission applications must be submitted first, then the school will conduct a written examination, then a physical examination, an interview, and a medical examination.

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Cadet College Jhang (CCJ)

Cadet College Jhang CCJ is a traditional military prep school situated in Jhang Sadar, a small town near the city of Faisalabad. Cadet College Jhang provides quality education to its cadets in a way that reflects national aspirations and complies with modern technology trends in an atmosphere that promotes healthy, mental and physical development.

The scholarship is only offered in the 1st year. Then, successful applicants will appear for an interview with Cadet College Jhang’s Principal and CEO. There are separate campuses for boys and girls at Cadet College Jhang.

Eligibility for Admission

Eligibility for Grade 6th

  • Applicants should have completed Grade VI prior to admission.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 10 ½ and 12.
  • Students must be in good health in order to get into the program.

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Eligibility for Grade 7th

  • Students must have completed Grade VI at the time of admission.
  • Students must be between the ages of 12-13.
  • Students must be physically healthy.

Eligibility for Grade 8th

  • Students must have completed Grade 7 by the date of admission.
  • Students must be between the ages of 13 and 14.
  • Medically healthy students will be accepted.

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Submission of Document

The mother and father will arrive at CCJ with their child/infirmary:

  • Academic records from their previous school.
  • Certification from their previous institution.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • A bank draft for Rs 1000 payable to Principal CCJ.
  • Photocopies of Parents’ and Guardian’s NIC cards.
  • Certification of medical fitness.
  • Certificate of current eye examination.
  • You should attach the Application Form to the prospectus.

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Note related to Submission of Documents

CCJ will verify the details of your application. If any detail is found incorrect at any stage, the cadet will be dismissed.

Method of Admission

Registration Online through website.

Online/Written Test

  • Interview
  • Medical Checkup / Medical Test
  • Fee Deposit ( registration fees Rs. 1000/- College bank Account : 0239623371004101 MCB Sadar Jhang Branch)

Online/Written Test

There will be a written test with a passing mark of 60%.

  1. a) Class 2nd to 7th
    • There will be written tests in Urdu, English, Math, General Knowledge, and Science.
  1. b) Class 8th & to 9th
    • The written test consists of English, mathematics, general knowledge, and science (biology, physics, chemistry).
  1. c) Class 1st year
    • Written tests will include English, Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

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Physical Test

Admission requires the candidate to pass the physical examination at the time determined by the instructor. Details are as follows:

Running1 Km
Chin Ups10
Push Ups20
Sit Ups20

Medical Test

Documentation must accompany the medical report showing that the cadet is medically fit.

  • Blood Sugar
  • Urine Test
  • Allergy test for sulpha drugs/penicillin
  • Immunization/Inoculation/Vaccination Report
  • Anti HCV

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Cadets who have been selected for an interview will be interviewed by the principal and CEO of Cadet College Jhang.

Cadet College Jhang Scholarship

  • A candidate with 90 % or more marks will be eligible for the Rs. 84000/- scholarship.
  • A student with an average of 85% and more marks will receive a scholarship of Rs. 48000/-.
  • Students who achieve 80 percent or more will receive Rs. 36000/-.
  • Students of teachers will be awarded Rs. 36000/- Scholarship annually.


  • Fitness center
  • Riding school
  • Evening games
  • Computerized management system
  • Medical sickbay
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Individual career counseling
  • Prayer area
  • TV rooms
  • Art gallery
  • Blogging service
  • Dinning hall
  • Three science labs
  • Computer lab with the latest technology
  • Well stocked library
  • Evening preps
  • Remedial classes
  • Cadets are trained by ex-Army officers
  • Islamic atmosphere

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CCJ Contact Details
Cell #0345-8410040
Phone #047-9200478

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