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The Airports Security Force (ASF) is a federal agency and part of Paramilitary Forces. ASF is administered by the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation. The responsibility of Airport Security Force (ASF) is to protect the airports, facilities and aircraft (in-air or on-ground) in Pakistan.

The Airport Security Force protects the civil aviation industry from illegal activities, prohibits crime in airports, prevents terrorism, and maintains law and order within these limits.

Major General Zafar Ul Haq is the current Director-General of ASF and supervising 8,945-personnel in the organization.

Initially, the ASF was known as the Directorate of Civil Aviation under the Airport Security Force Act LXXVII of 1975. Due to security and convenience in conflict, the Airport Security Force was separated in March 1981 and placed under the Ministry of Defence in December 1983.

An Aviation Division was established in 2013 under the Cabinet Secretariat together with the Airports Security Force, the Civil Aviation Authority (CIA) and PIA came under the control of a new division. The Secretary of Aviation of Pakistan leads the Aviation Division.

The main objective of ASF is to maintain the security of aircraft and airports.

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ASF Screening System and Procedure

Before boarding the aircraft, passengers and baggage are screened with the latest equipment. Everyone must go through this security checkpoint.

  • Keep your boarding pass ready at the security checkpoint
  • For your own convenience, carry a transparent, resealable bag during the inspection
  • You should remove liquid items like medicines, baby food, liquids, and pastes in your hand luggage for inspection
  • If you have coins, keys, small electronic or metallic items, leave them in your coat or jacket pocket so that easy can pass through the X-ray machine
  • Pass the X-rays through the queue
  • Leave large electronic items, including laptops and tablets, at home. They must go through X-ray machines separately
  • In some cases, you may also be asked to remove your shoes

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Prohibited Items List

  • All types of firearms
  • All firearm toy replicas
  • Slingshots and catapults
  • Hazardous chemical gases and sprays
  • Cutting tools such as axes, chainsaws and large knifes
  • Tools are also prohibited if they are larger than 6 cm in length
  • Detonator and explosives
  • Construction equipment such drills and blowtorches
  • Martial arts equipment

ASF Complaint Management System

This organization’s complaint management system is extremely effective. You can find a dedicated section on ASF official site. The following is how you can complain to ASF:

  • If you want to submit a complaint to ASF through its complaint management system, the first step is to visit
  • A form will be available for you to fill in with personal information like your Social Security Number or Permanent Resident Card and flight and airport information
  • Your complaint must then be written in the given required fields
  • We will respond to your email or phone number with regards to the resolution of your complaint

Fact: Complaints submitted through this E-portal are handled directly by the ASF head office.

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Command and Control Centre

Furthermore, Airport Security Force offers online complaint management as well as on-ground complaint resolution and monitoring services. ASF control rooms may be found in almost every Pakistani airport.

  • They work 24/7 and have direct access to the help desk at the airport which is available each time
  • Please contact the ASF help desk that will forward your complaint directly to the control room
  • The CCTV cameras monitor the security situation at the whole airport in this control room as well

Subdiaries of Airport Security Force

  • ASF Schools and Colleges
  • ASF Medical Centers
  • Security Training Wing
  • Airport Security Force ASF Foundation
  • ASF Land and Housing
  • ASF Security Pvt Ltd

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Airport Security Force Foundation

The ASF Foundation was founded in 2014 with the purpose of generating income to support retired officials of the ASF and their families.

Schools and Colleges

Children of officials as well as those who join the force are eligible to attend schools and colleges.

Land and Housing Schemes

Housing schemes of the ASF aim to provide shelter to serving and retired officials. In Karachi, the general population is permitted to buy and invest in property in projects like ASF City.

Security Training Wing

Facilities like ASF Academy are used to train its security personnel and those belonging to third-party security organizations.

ASF Community Centres

These are places where ASF officials and their families gather for communal activities and get-togethers.

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Directors General (Former Force Commanders)

Name of DGFromTo
GP Capt M.Y KhanJuly 1976April 1977
Brig Saleem ZiaApril 1977July 1977
Brig Muzaffar Ali KhanJuly 1977January 1980
Brig Saleem ZiaJanuary 1980October 1981
Brig Tariq RafiNovember 1981November 1986
Brig Khawar Latif ButNovember 1986December 1989
Brig Muneeb Ur Rehman FarooqiDecember 1989December 1992
Brig Rashid Ali MalikDecember 1992November 1996
Brig Manzoor Iqbal BangeshNovember 1996March 1999
Brig Naveed Nasar Khan1 April 19991 July 2002
Brig Javed Iqbal Sattar27 June 200210 February 2006
Brigadier Fiaz Ahmed Satti10 January 200630 March 2009
Brig Sahir Aslam Butt30 March 20094 July 2011
Brig Muhammad Azam Tiwana10 January 201129 December 2014
Maj General Sohail Ahmad Khan, HI(M)September 2014April 2017
Maj General Ali Abbas HayderMay 201729 September 2018
Maj General Zafar ul Haq, HI(M)October 2018To Be Continued

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